Monthly Archives: December 2014

Extend Biosciences’ Founder Laura M. Hales, Ph.D. Selected to Speak on a Biotech Entrepreneur Panel

Founder Laura M. Hales, Ph.D. spoke on a panel of women entrepreneurs at the “From Bench to Bedside: An Evening With Biotech Entrepreneurs” event sponsored by Tufts Biomedical Business Club and the Boston Entrepreneurs and Advanced Degrees Meetup Group (B.E.A.D.). The panel also featured Dr. Bonnie Fendrock (Cofounder and CEO of Cyta Therapeutics), Dr. Kathryn Kosuda (Cofounder and VP of Research and Development of Vaxess Technologies), and Cinzia Metallo (Founder and Managing Director at Biomille Technologies). The lively and interactive panel was moderated by Dr. Paulina Hill of Polaris Ventures.

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